Binary Boy is Finished!

It’s been a long while since this blog has been updated. I just released Binary Boy!

Publicizing my first game was pretty scary, but today I saw some pretty amazing responses. Binary Boy is featured on Game Jolt! It also was written about Rock Paper Shotgun and Indie Games. The online version of Binary Boy looks like it could be touched up, and I’m already thinking of the next game! Also you can expect a lot more updates here at the blog. I am doing a number of film projects including a music video for the band Dempsey. I hope this blog becomes a place for feedback on my game projects as well.

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2 thoughts on “Binary Boy is Finished!

  1. Hey, my name is Chloe and I work for Mozilla, currently running a competition called Game On (end February 24th) .Also I am a HUGE fan of your work – I just bumped on Binary Boy and <3 it ). I'm writing to invite you to submit to Game On , since I think you 'd fit right in the web-only category. Cheers, C.

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